With its subsidiary SAMFI ENERGY, SAMFI-INVEST is active in the development of wind energy in France and Belgium. It has built 134 MW wind farms in France and is developing projects in Belgium following a successful tender bid.


With its subsidiary SAMSOLAR (roof- and ground-mounted photovoltaic plants across France and abroad; 45 MW developed of which 20 MW constructed), SAMFI-INVEST now has a presence on the island of Réunion through its subsidiary SOLARTRADE, as a developer and manufacturer of a residential self-supply system with Autogrid energy storage, and as an installer of roof-mounted photovoltaic systems.


H2V is developing green hydrogen production gigafactories in France and Europe.
Already present in Dunkirk, Marseille Fos, Thionville, Valenciennes, Saint-Clair-du-Rhône, Pont-sur-Seine and at the Portes du Tarn, our ambition is to position ourselves also in Normandy and in the Haut-Rhin. Also launched in the United Kingdom, H2V is targeting establishments in Spain, Portugal and then Morocco.